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  1. This song is ass… He aint no LEGEND

  2. 🙁

  3. R.I.P. X, your name will be honored.

  4. This is half year…

  5. All of y'all better pray to ex he was the best person in the world

  6. Or i p man all I wanted in my life is just to meet you bro but you died how dare they kill you you're my favorite rapper but I guess you won't work no more to test or pee XXX I love you you're the coolest person in the world

  7. rest



  8. ?2035¿bzh?

  9. XX we go to have to you and the ❤

  10. What a legend
    You will be missed

  11. Love you man thank you for everything you did

  12. wow you are dead ):

  13. Like si extrañas a xxxtentacion

  14. 12 years from now my kids are going to ask me what music was big when I was young and i'll tell them about X.

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