Why I quit Hilton Hotels

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I explain everything in this video.


Q: What editor do you use?

A: Wondershare Filmora.

Q: What do you use to record?

A: Bandi-Cam.



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  1. Aw, Ariel. I’m so sorry that a HR ruined your experience, but I get what you mean MR jobs do take over your life.

  2. Aww. I am Bxrtender and I want to level up. I hope I can be promoted because I am always active in Hilton Hotels. I play it for hours! I am so sorry that happened. :c

  3. Hi, Ariellen. I was on discord and I was seeing RosenSmh and others talking mean things about you. I really am sad about this. I work at Hilton and I do not want to reveal my name for privacy reasons unless we dm privately. Thank you and have a nice day.

  4. I support your decision even Hannah quit bakiez and I don't blame neither of you!!

  5. Lol try being a SHR…

  6. A HR used me for my rank he just said join the hotel we do not need MRs that made me sad.

  7. I am a former worker at Hilton, I quit because I got bored of it. I think I do recognize you, however I never friended you but I could be wrong about recognizing you. I still follow some people who work at Hilton though even if I don't work there anymore. If I was friends with a higher rank and they left as long they were a good friend I would stay friends with them.

  8. I have a story about Hilton.

    I had a friend , we were both LRs.
    We did shifts together, trainings together and talked. Until one day, she was promoted. We still talked. She one day I friended me and I asked her why. She said ‘keeping it to irl friends and personal ones sorry bye!’ THEN, she’s like bffs with a new MR and….they aren’t personal

  9. We thought of the same name .-.

  10. I honestly definitely see where you’re coming from. Hilton takes up so many hours of people’s lives, and they don’t get ANYTHING for it. Even though I work at Hilton, doesn’t mean I don’t agree. I’ve been trying to find a way to spend a healthy amount of time to go on Hilton, and to focus on my real life. Unfortunately, others don’t get it like that. Their mind is stuck to working at Hilton; staying active at Hilton. All this, for what? Absolutely nothing. The only small thing you receive could be a friend or a promotion, but you have to be a really hard and dedicated worker for it. I’ve thought about quitting, but I’m probably not going to. Not that it’s taking over my life, but I have so many friends in this community that support me, and Hilton still makes me happy. I don’t think what you said is forcing, I believe you were trying to notice people to take into consideration about their lives dedicated to jobs like Hilton. What I want to say to those is, you should just actually just take ONE day off and see what you’ve been missing out on in your real life. This day could be any day, doesn’t have to be an important day, but it’s not the end of the world to take one day off. Like, I used to think, ‘If i do this, im going to get demoted’ or like ‘they hate me omg omg omg’. IT DOESNT MATTER!! You will probably never meet these people in real life, and you get nothing for doing what you’re doing, so I guess they should be worried if you leave. They rely on you, so basically, they depend on you. If they didn’t have people like you, they wouldn’t be like who they are. So stop worrying that they hate you.

  11. This is happening to me. I always get everything wrong at school because I am into these type of games. I am so addicted to it. I am sad to say I left the group I was HR in.

  12. its actually true. if you're a staff in Hilton Hotels like I am, You will feel like you will always have to play Hilton Hotels reason being is that once you are a staff, lets say a security (my rank) , you will always wanted to rank up to Head of Security, so on and so fourth, and in orfer to be a Head of security, you will have to work really hard which means keep on playing Hilton Hotel or Training centre to be a Security Helper. < that will result you not being able to play your always favourite game. other than Hilton Hotels. Also if you are a security, You will always get offended by a player or being "bullied" by guests (example: Why do you kids waste their time to work here") theres a whole lot more things that guests will try to say to you. Sometimes i do feel sad or my mood either got taken by the words of the guests. Im not trying to tell you guys who is/are trying to be a staff in Hilton to avoid it. I'm just sharing my experience.

  13. hilton sucked anyway lol

  14. I work at Hilton. And I love it but it takes over my life too. So now I try to focus more on the school.

  15. At first people are going to be really nice to you then they're going to be jerks to you. Anyway there was this girl her username is MangoTheRedPanda she was rank 14 she worked 2 years at Hilton Hotels and she got fired. One day she decided to make a face reveal, she did the face reveal before she got fired. People were making fun of her look on discord, all of her fans were telling her. I feel really bad for her but Ariel you made the right choice. 🙂
    Here's the link to her video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kHdAx2SeS4

  16. People troll because it serves those jerks right so hopefully you understand why trolls do it

  17. I am so sorry about this Ariel. HR's truly can be rude and inactive. For example, Cytoxin is NEVER online and he is Rank 16. They treat you the way you don't want to be treated. If any of you want a job at a hotel, join Island Hotel & Resort. There, they truly do care about you and they also don't aim for the game to control your life.

  18. I am at rank 3 (awaiting rank), I came go to training and get the job, but I just really don't know if I should start and then I might become hooked to hilton. Most of the players are trollers anyways. Any suggestions?

  19. Why is the vid so fuzzy?

  20. Yeah. I used to work there as a rank 10, over a year ago. Got fired in september 2017. I was fired because I was trash talking staff, and I don't want to sound rude but she was the one who told the staff members what I did, and I only told her she was the reason I got suspended, and then boom. Fired for trash talking. Hilton was like a family to me but to see how it just cut me from everything completely shows differently. I also had the same experience with friends. After I left, they stopped talking to me.

  21. Yes I feel the same way, I got perm banned by RAMMGaming because I wa hardly spamming and he THOUGHT I was major spamming, I was about to work here too until I watched this video.
    And yes I also another feel the same way when you said “ Everyone care abut the rank and not who you really are “ there’s so much edgy 13+ year olds who really think this is a real job and think that they’d get a middle rank in 2 hours. I say it as I quit a job named Dunkin Donuts because they always were not attentive to the LR’s, they are just hanging out with the middle ranks and not really attentive to anyone else.
    But really I am just trying to make a hotel or any place better by making everyone happier but everyone declines me or they are just unfriendly back to me. That’s when I get aggressive.

  22. This is a legit late reply but, I suffer from Depression and anxiety. I was never really on roblox much, everyone was like you need to quit you're so inactive. Look home many friend requests I got when I was there. Now, I hardly get any. I got used for my rank, unfair I also got demoted for no honest reason. The HR that was there for me Was Kayla tbh. Everyone needs to quit HH. Worst Hotel experience!


  24. Nooo, I wish you could get Hilton back :c I really like your Hilton videos :c I cry all the time if anybody quits Hilton

  25. who cares is my question

  26. what do you use to record and edit

  27. I am a security at hilton Hotels, I like it, but it is SO hard to get MR/HR. ratmvtt got fired. They were an HR.

  28. you people don't need to waste time on doing long paragraphs, it't okay she's fine. she is focusing on school.

  29. I'm MurafaLuca2007. Yeh, me. That guy telling ya to accept my friend req. My question is: How did you start YT?

  30. *gets cup of tea*
    *accidentally spills it*

  31. I bet the HR that ruined Hilton for you is one of the same people who disliked this video.

  32. one of the reasons i quit this shitty game, trust me, if u quit ur life will get better

  33. IHY I'm Happy Yo!

  34. Almost every old MR left…

  35. Idk if you will see this but a while ago back when i just turned or before i turned 13, im 14 now but I worked at Hilton. I did interviews and would wait 6 hours for a game. Just to fail at one point the accused me of copying and pasting and I was so upset failing instantly after waiting for hours that i started to scream in anger in myself, I also started to cry because I was aggravated. I stopped trying and I tried again later on. I got the job! I became a hardworking reception worker and switched to security because it was way more enjoying. I would come home from school and play Hilton. I saw my friends being promoted to it gave me the urge to wanna be promoted too. My butt, lol, would hurt everyday in pain from sitting on the couch playing Hilton. My dad teased me on it. I was finally promoted on November 27th I believe when the Christmas update came. I was so happy I met the owner that day aswell. He even congratulated me. I was not used to being a MR tho. The same day I was with my "friend" Pexuliar I believe and i twinned her avatar and would teleport to her. I believe his name was like Wizardly he cuffed her so after he let her go I cuffed him back replying with "lol" and letting go instantly. He screenshots and sends to Bonnie getting me suspended the same day I was promoted. I cried so hard that day they said I wouldn't get my rank back.. Pexuliar *DENIED* it and I was no longer a MR. Everyone was disappointed on me even though the ss clearly saw me saying lol AS A JOKE. I cried and quit roblox for 2 months because of it. This game ruined my health and made me hate everyone who worked there. If you read all of this thanks. But it hurts to be blamed for something that wasn't even serious and something you actually was active everyday on and suddenly everyone hates you after congratulating you..-Mya when I was a MR my user was PusheenLover8267 LOL

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