Usha Rani Hotel – A Hotel (Eatery) Near Salem Serving The Best Mutton Biriyani

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Usha Rani Hotel – A Hotel (Eatery) Serving The Best Mutton Biriyani And Other Non Veg Items.

– The best mutton biriyani i have tasted in the resent times.The hotel is situate 27 kms from the salem city on the salem to kochi national highway .you have to take a right cut at a place called kakapalayam .The road goes to a place called illampillai. while on the road to illampillai there is a small town called vembadithalam. The eatery is here, its just on the road and not very difficult to spot.
– you can search it up on google maps.
so what do famous here, the mutton biriyani ofcourse, the cost of a meal per person is 350/- inr which includes mutton biriyani, white rice, curd, and 2 non veg dishes. you can choose the non veg dishes from choices of chicken, mutton, mutton intestine or kathambam(thats what they call it), boneless chicken 65. if you want all the dishes available they charge 450/- per person. The curd is so thick and creamy you definetely got to try it. In case you plan to go call the owner and confirm if the eatery is open. his number is in the video.

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43 replies

  1. Much costly taste not good

  2. Not good hotel.. don't go

  3. ithoda address enga

  4. சூப்பர் super super super good hotel welcome to


  6. Rs. 350 per head. Includes biriyani, plain rice, kuzhambu, rasam, intestine gravy, egg and curd. Tastes fantastic, light on the stomach, owner takes care of you like a relative, cajoles you to eat more. Only gripe is the seating is not ergonomic and the place is very small for the crowd. Big thumbs up.

  7. Dindigul la intha mathiri package irukura best hotels suggest pannunga…

  8. Bangalorele oru branch start pandrege sir

  9. Do not go there and it is worst place to eat and more expensive

  10. I had a food last month and it was too costlier

  11. I tried last Saturday. Food was not good. We tried chicken fry, mutton fry and fish. No one liked.

  12. I have tried..Place was very small..Only 15 seater.waited for sear more than half an hour ..But all the items taste was very yummy..Home food..We are enjoyed the food..Try once ..We miss to collect his phone no..

  13. Look at those barbarians waiting to eat in this place. They are arguing with the workers there to be seated because they are a large group while others are still eating. I call them barbarians because they are pressuring the others who are already eating. These barbarians should give their name and wait outside until the people already in are finished with their food. Indians generally don't have manners – just like the Chinese people.

  14. This hotel charges the rate of a two star hotel…all frozen mutton..not so good as expected

  15. Annai nan kerala.malayalikalkku nalla food enna avalo pudikkum, ade madiri nalla food kidakira idom evalavau dooram irundalum vandu sappidiva.ade madiri nanum oru nal unkalode hotelile kandippa varum.biriyani enak avalo pudikkum.nalla sappidavangalukku tha nalla manasu irikkum.kadavul ungalode kude………malayali.

  16. Need to focus in cleanliness.
    Shop need to be clean and tidy.

  17. kadaiku sayam pusunga nadaka idam vidunga

  18. Wow. Patale pasikidu.

  19. Please mention price in description

  20. Telephone number ?

  21. Super super good hotel welcome to

  22. nice

  23. Small hotels charge less price for quality and tasty food.. Star hotels are theives.

  24. The nearby house of this hotel is mine

  25. Voice clear illa bro so next time can u better

  26. good sooo tasty plz try it

  27. Nalla saapittu,
    Cinema paathu
    Govt kitta ilavasam vaanguum.
    Very good citizen.

  28. Crazy for food, but don't want to work in Agricultural job.

  29. we are regular customer there.Flavour n taste are very good.curd is super.

  30. Tirunelveli la pannunga ji

  31. these kinds of small hotel dont need any advertisement because they make best food people know it. but i taste u are doing very good job keep it up

  32. Nantri Saar for your outstanding videos!

  33. Nice to see you videos are getting popular . It would be nice if you can add quick recap of signature dish of that restaurant making video .

  34. Always check with the owner of the hotel whether it is "HALAL"
    in all your videos dude…

  35. Is it HALAL bro….?

  36. Niz Bro superb.. plz watch our video also Karur Spl Garam & Set.

  37. Nice video keep up the good work from London…

  38. wow that curd sure did look like ice cream…
    looking at the colour of the Gravy, it appeared that they used the same spices for all the dishes. Is that so?
    Does the gravy taste the same?

  39. u r test really looking good brother….the gravy thickness and curd thickness is amazing testy…..

  40. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  41. pls add hotel phone number

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