Trump’s wall ignites tensions in Arizona: ‘This country has been violated’ | Anywhere but Washington

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As Donald Trump seeks congressional support for his border wall, the Guardian’s Paul Lewis meets Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff recently pardoned by Trump, and other local Republicans who are enraged over what they describe as an ‘invasion’ from Mexico. But he discovers a very different view among the Tohono O’odham Nation, a Native American tribe with members on both sides of the border
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  1. The truth of all, is that US people chose a person who is not political and Trump's roots and tendencies are clearly racist. In another hand, USA has a serious drug problem and as long as there is supply and demand, not only Mexico will supply you with that demand. Why, that serious issue, Trump does not mention not even a word…. For example, one of the great income / profit of the USA is the sale of arms and has Mexico and other countries infested with them, even whole families suffer the consequences … Is USA to blame for this arms problem?… Rest my case….PS – The white man when he came to conquer this continent came killing not only the buffalo to the extent almost extinction but also the Indians .. Did you forgot already? White men famous phrase that says "a good Indian is a dead Indian" ….. Quite the contrary to those who now seek a better life through honest work to have a better kind of life, even if they have to pick your fields, they will do it with pride … This land was invaded by the white man, coast of brutally killing those who already existed here … So whatever they say, this migration "problem" that occurs around the world, is never going to end, not even with the highest walls, fences that you built….From Tijuana a proud Mexican…

  2. Racist everyone at that table

  3. If they where coming here because they love our country they would be flying OUR flag not the flag of a country that has been oppressing them, the migrants of today are NOTHING like the migrants of old.

  4. People who lived in the US felt the same way when people flooded in thru Elis Island. Other families felt the same way about your families. It's hard not to laugh at how stupid/ignorant you all sound when you think a wall will fix all the drugs, sex crimes, murders… go to the airport… check out the mail that comes thru or I should say "that tries to come thru".

  5. Indians took land from one another by killing them and taking it. Settlers played by there rules.

  6. Not if trump gets his way, it’s if can get done what he was elected to do.

  7. We are not taking away land. And there will be areas where you can go across legally.

  8. Give the Spaniard conquistadors “” the native land please and or tell them the truth. Spaniard rapist murders killed the Aztec incas and mayans stole 2/3 of both America continent

  9. Fyi it was a misdemeanor charge. People dont go to jail for that.

  10. Not all Republicans are Trump supporters. Not all who want wall security are Trump supporters.

  11. What a biased video. As though all Republicans think all Mexicans steal from birth.

  12. So you stipulate they came from other states. Big deal. We have a free country where we can travel at will.

  13. Sex trafficking and drugs are not innate to Mexico. Your president supports prostitution, btw, smarty pants.
    Let’s give the Natives, wildlife and environment the respect it/they deserve. The GOP is a disgrace.

  14. It's not Trumps wall it's OUR wall!

  15. I think immigrants trashing on white people is the most hypocritical thing ever. Just admit it, white people made this land great. White culture is one of the most successful. Stop biting the hand that's feeding you.

  16. Just stay in your counyry,if some other country want you out

  17. Old Joe, wow, is that guy out there.  Just deport 1.8 million and let them come back and become citizens legally he says.  The Trump administration won't let them back in, everyone knows it!  Old Joe is either a fool or just another old man trying to cover is bigot ways and with Trump as a best friend its the latter.  Not hard to see through it either.

  18. want to go back in history? remember the original natives of Mexico? can you say Aztecs. things change, sometimes for the better. and yes, some cultures are better than others.

  19. all of you whom know nothing about geopolitics and the NWO, those of you whom have not lost a loved one due to drugs and gangs or false entry info, SHUT UP, you have nothing to say about the wall.

  20. They are all immigrants who came to this place from Europe, Asia, Africa . . .

  21. I lived in Britain for 3 years. No way in Hell do I want America to become anything like Britain!!! Even the most conservative people in britain are considered liberal in my home state of Utah. I was visiting for a month when they took all the guns away!! Watching that on the news all I could think was WTF!!! Don't even get me started on the NHS, biggest nightmare ever created!! Doesn't work at all, complete embarrassment to call it a medical system. Why don't you and the rest of your feel goodders go back home and deal with problems in your own country! Let us deal with our own country as we see best. Why don't you take Nancy and Chuck with you, they would be much happier over their.

  22. I am Cherokee. The White Europeans have no problem when their ancestors came over on boats took our lands away committed genocide killing over 100 million Native Americans. They made up their invisible borders, decide who they want to be allowed into the country. They have raped and plundered Mother Earth of her resources, polluted her waters. They took all the prime land and put the Native Americans on reservations. All for greed.

  23. These old white stupid racists need to go back to their original state and get out of mine. Sun city is racist central in Arizona. It's a city of just old white racists, soooo not kidding.

  24. The Native Americans deserve so much more than what they’re given.

  25. People are crazy and foolish.

  26. The wall is going to be built. If Mexico did their part to stop drugs and crime we would have no need of a wall

  27. "Some people build fences to keep people out…and other people build fences to keep people in. " August Wilson
    My quote:
    These lobsters are designing their own pot!

  28. What I don't understand is the reservation that the Indian was on is it in the United States and Mexico so how did that happen. The whole reservation should be the United States property.

  29. 9:51 I know it may looks insignificant for some people, this is such a great visual of humanity.

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