Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

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Whether you’re gone for a week or a year, the key to packing is the same. We take apart our bags to show you the gear we wear on the road.

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VAGABROTHERS: We’re Alex and Marko Ayling, vagabonds, brothers, and vloggers on a mission to explore the world through its people.

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  1. I’m going Backpacking this September with my sister & niece! And I can’t wait !!! So thankful for your channel and all of the tips!!!

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  3. Look at you guys!!! You are so young… Look like a couple of frat bros! LOL Cacky definitely gets dirty my broheim.

  4. This isn't travel hacks and tips, this is one big advert, lol. Thumbs down.

  5. You’re the guys that you find in cafes decked out in hiking equipment lol.
    Good video though

  6. Wow, cool tips. Here's how I'm packing for a backpacking adventure:

  7. was really disappointed when alexs' name was not polo

  8. I got rid of my rain jacket in Europe because it was a pain in the ass when you are in a restaurant etc, so just bought a 5 Euro umbrella off a random guy in the middle of storm in madrid

  9. a must see video if you are backpacking on your next trip..

  10. Guys are cute. But the clothes…ugleeee!

  11. Watching in 2018

  12. What's sound corporate ethics?

  13. We knew that cotton clothes breath well. First time you're telling that nylon n polyester are aerated !!!

  14. you guys are so cool

  15. Test your gear before you take it with you. Synthetic blends don't always produce moisture wicking. The rule of three is good, but there's a lot of stuff that you're missing like protective clothing like a bandana. Carrying a bandana has saved my behind more than a few times. The number one piece of gear I use when traveling is "wet ones". Seriously it's hand wipes that have the most often use of any gear when traveling.

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  17. Women need sandals and tennis shoes. Also if you have old clothes bring half empty suitcase and buy cute cheap things when you get to where you’re going. Shopping is a female thing!! But seriously, I bought skirts and
    Casual rompers for $5. Each in Mexico.

  18. Actually packing is not always the same. Warm weather location is so easy. Camping and cold destinations
    Is difficult.

  19. Hahaha yea this is mostly for men

  20. You guys, so entertaining!

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