Top 10 Best Places To Live In Ohio For 2018 – Best Cities and Towns

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Top 10 Best Places To Live In Ohio For 2018.
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Ohio has two nicknames. “The Buckeye State” relates to the Ohio buckeye tree, and “Mother of Presidents” is because seven U.S. presidents hailed from Ohio.
Consistently ranked one of the best states for business, Ohio offers residents many benefits too, including a low cost of living,
excellent schools and good recreational opportunities.
Manufacturing and financial industries anchor the economy in Ohio, which is the largest producer in the country of plastics, rubber and fabricated metal.
The best places to live in Ohio include Akron, Cincinnati and Dublin.
Sports fans have several teams to cheer for including the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Ohio State Buckeyes.
If you’re looking at areas in Ohio with the best economic situations, where there’s lower than average crime, and a lot to do.
Here are the 10 best places to consider when moving to Ohio:
1. Dublin.
2. Cincinnati.
3. Akron.
4. Upper Arlington.
5. Bexley.
6. Powell.
7. Hudson.
8. Mason.
9. Ottawa Hills.
10. Grandview Heights.
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37 replies

  1. We all know Columbus is the BEST!!! We got the Crew and Buckeyes, OSU, Hot Chicken Takeover, COSI, Park of Roses, Historical Society, and The Columbus Zoo… Literally ALL our suburbs are popping… The best place to be for Diversity, Culture, Art, Music (Mainstream and Underground), And Historical Buildings (Residential, and Commercial) and Districts (Brewery District, Arena, Short North, Old North, Campus Clintonville). Hundreds of Parks and Trails. LOVE MY CITY!

  2. Anywhere where more woods then humans be the best. More like southern ohio in my opinion. I live in kent ohio not to bad. Im in the you know area were you expect a lot of drama. But hey the police here hold to the title of peace officer. They try to understand people they know lifes hard. The people most are nice. The neighborhood. Some neighbors play music on days as if a concerts playing that day. But hey could be as bad as cleveland born raised. But having a family just driving down my old neighborhood looks eri. Miss the old times when people had respect. Nothing but garbage numerous groups of people standing around doing litterly nothing on corners makes taking a walk to get some exercise. Carrying a gun a peace of mind feeling. Just thinking of the towns listed on here. You see what the majority is too. Farewell slovic village. Your days were remembered once a hard thriving suburb. I fine past things effect current changes. And hopefully everyone fines peace in the home they live in.

  3. Mason and West Chester, Loveland is pretty nice

  4. Spent 3 years in Ohio, Columbus, Akron, Dayton and Toledo on the lake shore. Ohio was lovely sure beats the heck out of the Bronx and Baltimore.

  5. I am from ottawa hills

  6. Kirtland Ohio is also a great place to live

  7. Akron? Seriously?

  8. They picked the shittiest places in Ohio at the top of their list. lol Cincinnati and Akron, are you serious? lol

  9. Is it a good idea to move in Columbus ?

  10. I love kings island its the best

  11. Why they show Dayton when talking about Akron, come on y’all i know my city

  12. I'm shocked to not see Solon. Solon is number 1 in the state with their public school. It is kind of expensive to live in though but other than that they have lots of social events and nice people!

  13. My house is literally shown in this video

  14. Anywhere in Ohio is the best place to live ,We are the Champions O-H ! Dont never forget where you come from ! ! ….

  15. Love Ohio especially Columbus its the best place ever

  16. There is nothing to do in ohio

  17. If you want excitement with excellent food,and education then you have to live in Youngstown. Youngstown is Ohio's best kept secret. YSU is in the center of Youngstown with safe well kept suburbs. Yes folks Youngstown.

  18. Lmao nobody knows Rittman

  19. Cleveland hahahahahahaha

  20. You couldn't be more wrong about Akron being number 3 on the list as a matter of fact it shouldn't even be on the list unless the list is the worst cities in Ohio.

  21. Where tf my town be at Reynoldsburg!?!?!?

  22. Come on down drug addicts. I live in Cleveland the only thing your going to find here is druggies.


  24. Lmfao I live in Toledo Ohio and don't understand why everyone from Ohio knocks Ohio. I live in like one of the top 3 worst cities in Ohio and I love it. Maybe it's not Ohio maybe its just your shitty out look on life.

  25. And Columbus

  26. I live in Stow

  27. Akron!? Check out its crime rate…92.5% higher other US cities.

  28. Any grove city people here?

  29. Cincinnati…. What u mean lol let's talk about the drug and crime problem

  30. What? I just saw a video that said Cincinnnati is one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

  31. I saw Cincinnati on the bad list ????

  32. Columbus is a sanctuary City, so it will not be a good place to live soon

  33. Ohio is the best city in the state

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