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Well hello there everybody! Welcome back to The Supreme! I’m your host for today, Matty Willz, and if you’ve never been to our channel before then it’s important that you know that we pride ourselves in being the best entertainment channel around, especially on YouTube! We’ve prepared an epic video for you all, where we’ll be uncovering some of the most mysterious sightings, pictures and videos any and everything ever recorded – with today’s title – This Unsolved Mystery Will Surprise Everyone!

10 Strange Shadow at the Playground

So we’ll kick everything off right here, where we have some very creepy footage that was captured inside of a park. Before we just jump into it, I know that the year we’re in is 2019, and it seems like more and more everyday we’re reminded that we aren’t living in the same world that our parents and grandparents’ group up in, and that’s why it’s super imperative that we always keep a keen eye on our surroundings, and probably more so when we’re in places and areas where we wouldn’t expect anything strange to happen. With all that said, check out this first clip that is pretty mysterious and certainly unexplainable. A woman is at a playground. You can see on top of the table she’s sitting at there’s a bottle of water and what looks like a book, as the young woman is browsing through her phone, oblivious to what’s going on around her. And at first, there’s nothing. You’ll see the camera pan around a little bit, and then just before it settles back onto the young lady

9 The Alien Through the Door

Up next we have another video clip that was sent in to the team anonymously, so apologies that we don’t know where or when it comes from, but it’s pretty dark stuff what’s on here, so let’s just get right to it. The setup is a closed office, where you can see a couch on the far end, with some chairs and an open space. Everything seems pretty quiet at first, as I had to start wondering to myself once I started watching this clip, what the heck is about to happen? Well, check this out. Keep your eye on the far door – there, did you see that! Someone – or, some thing – slowly creeps passed the door, and I hate to say it but by the looks of it – it appears that it’s an alien. Yeah, a little green dude with a big head and big eyes from outer space kind of alien. Creepy, right? What do you think that really was?

8 The Real Men in Black

Who remembers the famed movie series that Will Smith made famous – Men in Black? The one where the government agents were sent to deal with people who claimed to see aliens or UFOs, often times erasing their memory of everything that happened. Well, apparently, the Men in Black may be real. Check this out. In October of 2009 a pair of hotel guests called the police, claiming they saw 3 large lights hovering over the hotel they were staying at, citing that they could have been part of a UFO. A short while later, these guys – dressed in all black – walk in and spoke to hotel employees about the guests who called the authorities. The guests had already left, but one employee claimed that the 2 men looked very strange, citing that they were completely hairless in the face, had deep blue eyes that didn’t blink, and even looked identical. Weird.

7 Heavy Traffic

Check out this next clip, and keep your eyes glued to the screen or you might miss it. Some highway surveillance video caught a very strange humanoid creature galloping across the highway back in 2013. At first glance it appears that this may just be a dear, or perhaps even a dog of some sort. But check out the clip once the footage is zoomed in. You can clearly see that this isn’t a dog – this is what they call a humanoid. It appears to be using it’s arms as legs as it makes a mad dash across the street. If anyone knows what this could be please leave us a comment and let us know what you think! Ok, let’s keep things moving right along!

6 The Window Ghost
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  1. Hey supreme family love your clips… They are awesome… I can relate to the young man with the dark shadow because I lived in a haunted house when I was a child… The attic door was boarded up and we would still hear someone walking up and down the stairs… When i got older i checked into the history of the house and, It was a emergency hospital back during the war and they say it's a solider and a nurse that you hear walking up and down the stairs… I have heard it many of times…. #supremefamily

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    Thanks video.
    Regards Lars lasse from Finland.

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  6. Number
    Was a not real

  7. #SUPREMEFAMILY shout out. Thanks for the clips. Keep'em scary.

  8. More accurately that alien that walked in front of that door is a grey alien

  9. #SupremeFamily In love with your videos of humanoids and Ghosts!

  10. That potential alien invasion thing could have been covered up by the real life Men in Black before the media had a chance to really look into it. If it wasn't an invasion, those aliens could have come in peace and were just passing through. However, I have my doubts on if it was just a hoax or not. Earthquakes are known to make things like those lights shake, but only advanced alien technology could have caused those computer monitors to react the way they did.

  11. Thanks for another great video # The Supreme family !

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  13. my kids says that your the best #SUPREME FAMILY WE LOVE YOU

  14. #7 looks like a rake aka a fleshgait.

  15. Why do you keep cutting to the clips of the people on their laptops it's a waste of time

  16. Not to mention the fact she cast no shadow.

  17. I love your videos. #supremefamily

  18. The brilliant is only click bait

  19. Number 5 looked like an even crappier version of Cloverfiled… And Cloverfiled I gave it a -3….

  20. I believe aliens could just be demons

  21. Number 3 was probably a demon

  22. ##supremefamily another great video top supreme keep up the good work and great commentary as always

  23. Great video. Creepy. Love you. #SUPREMEFAMILY

  24. Forever amazing #supremefamily

  25. Also at 5:07 that was a skin walker

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  27. I saw a ghost boy ran towards it but it ran away too fast I tried to catch up saw it duck behind a car.

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