The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price

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Could the Galaxy M series be the solution to Samsung’s sales slump?


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33 replies

  1. They do have a 5000mAh battery on their phone..which is the first gen Samsung A9 Pro

  2. Hey +unbox therapy
    Check out the new Samsung tv wall.

  3. I felt like watching a movie's serious discussion – super cool background music!!

  4. Not only in India but also It will be hype if it'd come to Indonesia. Indonesian loves affordable smartphones with good specification.

  5. Is that Ed McMahon?

  6. A phone to share Bobs And Vegana worldwide.

  7. Interesting new format.

  8. it looks like asus to me

  9. Hey lewww
    Make an intro clip for unbox therapy channel… it would be awesome

  10. Realme 1 has 6gb ram and it only costs 13000 ruppes

  11. How could they lose money, India has like 1.4 billion people over there, now that's a smart move

  12. Each time apple makes a new iPhone Samsung’s does something similar:/

  13. Most Indian are poor that why samsung is helping them

  14. What's with the thumbnail

  15. $200 Samsung devices are nothing new.

  16. Lucky to be born in INDIA

  17. Group therapy

  18. I like this little talk show setup

  19. When would this be available in the Philippines and how much would it cost?

  20. Guess who looks like the Oneplus 6T

  21. Omg I love how they keep coping apple then making the phones cheeper so people can keep buying them

  22. Your background is very bright and does not have the contrast that was provided by previous studio background like in the unboxing videos. The video looks very greyish and hazy. Please take the advice

  23. No thanks Note and and S forever

  24. I'd be happy with Samsung just dropping the gorram bloatware aps which drove me to LG even though I think Samsung offers better phones. Decided I'm sick of being monetized by the bastards and took my business elsewhere.

  25. Why is he not unboxing anything so far ?

  26. Biggest Samsung battery, where is my explosion emoji?

  27. Does every Canadian tech reviewer have a token Asian on payroll?

  28. I want one now haha, this sounds great

  29. T-Series #1

  30. Geez, Samsung is so much different and better than apple

    makes phone identical to and iPhone

  31. ppl say apple should do this??? are u stupid or something?? ppl will continue to buy iphones at cost nobody will stop it will continue and who wants samsung they have fallen in quality long ago and if u want a good ass smart phone get a one plus 6t for half the cost of high end phones

  32. 0:25 the girl in the upper left corner is just chillin

  33. Haha he is using an apple computer

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