THAI GIRL IN MY HOTEL | Vlog 47 | Pattaya Nightlife

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Pattaya Thailand, this is a training video which was filmed in Pattaya in 2018 for people who are going to travel to Thailand. From this video, you can learn much useful information about Pattaya. For example: how Thai food restaurants look in Thailand Pattaya, how to cook Thai food, how Walking Street looks late at night; why is Thailand a paradise for retirees; How get to Centric Sea condo and how it looks; where is Soi Buakhao and why does it popular tourist destination; baht bus routes across Pattaya and many other useful information…

0:00 A normal day in Pattaya. The cafe at Buddha Hills. Great sea view at Pattaya. Thai cat sits on the roof of the car. Geckos crawl on the wall
4:41 Pattaya daytime scenes, Mu Kata thai food restaurant, Pattaya girls cook thai food
6:40 Pattaya Walking Street, nightlife scenes, Ibar Insomnia nightclubs
7:17 Pattaya hotels, my room in Centric See condo
9:45 Pattaya night scenes, Soi Buakhao, farang and thai girl
11:35 Thai girls and motorbikes
12:11 Pattaya after dark, Tree Town on Soi Buakhao
12:45 Pattaya streets, baht bus routes
13:12 Pattaya Soi Chaiyapoon, Triangle bar
13:28 Pattaya massage girls invite you to get happy ending
14:07 Thai massage parlors on Soi Chaiyapoon
14:38 Thailand girls buy clothes at street vendors
15:40 Pattaya is a paradise for retirees?
18:08 Soi Chaiyapoon Pattaya review, Oasis a go-go
18:35 Pattaya baht bus routes, retired person with Thailand woman


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  1. Pattaya is full sex offenders sex tourists paedophiles rapest dirty dump full SEX TOURISTS COCKROACHS so sad

  2. Forgot to comment that the Hot Girls, go to French Food restaurants in Thai.

  3. So sad

  4. What date was this video shot? Exchange rate not too bad 😉 10.58

  5. 12:02 i think she is woman.

  6. Good view man.Thanks a lot for all video.

  7. 100% ladyboy on the motor scooter

  8. Hey is it on the hill top view point

  9. nice to see her again..

  10. It’s easy. You just don’t know how to cook fool.

  11. I was jones'ing for another good video from you'',. Tyvm'',. !!!

  12. Freelance (geck hoe)

  13. Cool brass background music !!

  14. To be 100% honest I don't think I care if the blonde is a girl, whatever she is (I do think she is genuine) she is SUPER SEXY….

  15. You are a funny dude. If I ever make it to Pattaya and I see a Russian walking around with a camera followed by a hot Thai girl who is 19 or 20 should I call out Oleg or Aziataka to get your attention?

  16. Nice video- when was this taken? How many times a year do you visit Pattaya?

  17. Alec, from 16:00 to 18:00 is like the sad ending to a long sad movie. You need to write the full screenplay, but not live it.

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