Superchic Monaco – Prince’s Palace – Hermitage Hotel Breakfast Buffet

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When in Monte-Carlo, one of the best vacation spots in the world, do like I did…explore to your heart’s content 🙂
The Saturday brunch buffet at Hermitage Hotel is sure worth it just for the croissants alone.
Also, you will want to see where the locals have their cakes and eat them too at the beautiful mall Le Metropole 🙂

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26 replies

  1. What kind of camera are using? Is it a GoPro

  2. I love this place..:-)

  3. Hey alexis, Monaco is breathtaking, as is that homemade yoghurt with prunes and melon, yum yum.. Hope You're well, All My love Paula in the uk x

  4. i watch this in the night make me hungry lol

  5. I was in Monaco

  6. Yes, your pacing and lighting make for very superior docs'…….
    Keep up the Good Work …..
    What was your favourite place in Menton ?

  7. That is just so perfect and beautiful!

  8. Congratulations and thank you for showing us Monaco in winter with quiet streets.

  9. Clever enchanting video of places I will never afford to visit,thank you.

  10. Everything Looks Fresh , Healthy, Monaco, Im In Love with You, Baby.

  11. Yum yum yum!!!

  12. What was the temperature like?

  13. I wonder when the last time they had snow was?

  14. Je déguste des yeux les bons petits buffets chez vous, un peu comme au Campanile en France.

  15. Je déguste des yeux l'endroit où le boulanger y a laissé de quoi manger le matin.

  16. L'hôtel hermitage sans poussière, c'est là où la famille princière de Monaco au grand complet va cuver son vin après avoir fait des soirées bien arrosées en boîte de nuit.

  17. No,no money it's not happyness

  18. Great ! I saw this place the December 31, 2016. Amazing, Wonderful ! But plenty of people, beautiful people ! Quasi 2 hours to leave the place !

  19. Please subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe to your channel in the channel

  20. me gustan tus vídeos no cambies la tematica de tu canal esta perfecto así

  21. you did a great job filming in such a natural way, you have a talent for video~

  22. C'est bien filmé, surtout les gâteaux dans les coupoles en verre à la fin de la vidéo.

  23. Nice job on this video, almost like being there!! Thanks!! Safe travels.

  24. The great thing about this Christmas video is that I can enjoy it even when it's raining in April in NYC 🙂

  25. OK, so this video made me hungry!!! Everything looks so delicious.
    Another great video, you always make me feel like I am there. Thanks for posting

  26. The front entrance of that hotel is so beautiful during Christmas time!

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