Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City(Virginia Beach)

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18 replies

  1. You’re not open minded at all

  2. You should stay at a haunted hotel next!

  3. Please dont do that challenge again. Soo gross. Hahaha. Not worth it.

  4. Damn i want to know which hotel it is i go to va beach a lot during the summer time

  5. ugh I almost threw up

  6. Should of stayed there to make it more interesting

  7. That hotel was so nasty man and I feel sorry for the people that stay there man and good vlog. Always make my day getting notified for a new one

  8. I clicked so fast !!! I love your videos!!!

  9. The tv remote in motel / hotels are full of germs ………….think about it

  10. That guy said he accidentally threw cereal all over the room?.! Umm ok…

  11. Damn that was a long ad. Lol go to the worse rated restaurant & order a few items

  12. im local or semi local being in pasqutank county. so i want to know what hotel that was

  13. you need to go back in summer

  14. are you on yelp

  15. was this on the beach ? near pier or neptunes statue?

  16. do the outer banks . its 43 because its winter in summer in va beach it will go up

  17. That’s a rough place

  18. That looks like a hotel that people take hookers too lmao

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