Signs You Were Born In The Midwest

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“Yeah, I’ll have a pop.”

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Indie Bounce
Dooms Day Rise
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33 replies

  1. michigan 😉

  2. Minnesota !!!

  3. I’m from Illinois and I feel like each one of these stereotypes I’ve HEARD from OTHER states. So pretty much Illinois is an outlier.

  4. I’m from the Midwest but I can’t relate to a lot of this I could relate to like 2 or 3 or maybe 4 but probably less than half

  5. I’m from Chicago and I call it bags

  6. BuzzFeed doesn’t get very many things right, but they nailed this one. I’m from Ohio.

  7. The Ohio State vs Michigan was really funny

  8. Indianas like the middle child always stuck in between the older and younger siblings fighting. cough Ohio and Michigan cough

  9. This whole video is me and my friends


  11. We are hoosiers.

  12. It’s bag-o not cornhole

  13. Am I the only one who can see trumps face in Illinois

  14. yall were all my Mississippi people at

  15. I was born in Michigan, but I go to college in Oregon now, this was the story of my life.

  16. 0:42 I'm a freshman at Michigan GO BLUE!

  17. Well I mean Whites from the Midwest must be real friendly people

  18. Not everyone says cornhole in Illinois we call it bags

  19. What about people from Chicago, they are the polar opposite of this lady. Smh

  20. We say SODA in ST Louis

  21. I'm from the midwest and we say soda. Fukcing "pop"?

  22. 1.) You where born there

  23. i live in cincinnati ohio and i have an internet friend who live in columbus ohio and i said pop he said wtf is pop, it’s soda! lolll we only live 2 hours away

  24. 0:46 is so true… I’m from Ohio.

  25. I wasn't born in the Midwest but I have lived here since I was a baby

  26. Who the hell has never had puppy chow

  27. "Ope, I'm just gonna SNEAK right past ya and grab the ranch."

  28. any South Dakotans? no? just me? ok

  29. you forgot about "ope" lmao

  30. Stop stereotyping my culture!!!!!

  31. Im from Florida and i do almost all of this stuff

  32. You forgot the entire sentence "Ope, let me just SNEAK past ya and grab the ranch"

  33. Even though I know for a fact I was born in the Midwest I’m still watching this anyway

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