Scary Snowman Hidden Camera Practical Joke US Tour 2016 * Over 100 Reactions

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26 replies

  1. 2018 is up!

  2. CLICK >>> @ 0:30 and repeat (:

  3. Awesome…..make one Santa move

  4. I like how you bounce up and down to let them know your giggling


  6. The cuss words that they are using, lol!

  7. 13:50 holy santa claus shit

  8. Snowman try that on me and your family will receive pieces of you throughout the holiday season!

  9. Do this at night.

  10. What country is this Province, Rhode Island in? I can't tell. I'll just guess Babylon.

  11. So no one's gonna talk about how that old white man is feeling up where the snowman's breast and penis area are? White males always trying to molest something.

  12. asiatics Australia or Canadian

  13. Tem muito asiatico pelo jeito deve ser Australia ou Canada onde tem muitp asiaticos

  14. Amei esse canal. Sorri muito kkkkk

  15. That Chinese girl straighten her eyes out! 🙂

  16. “That’s not funny” but she’s laughing

  17. 10:28 I guess getting scared turns her on

  18. my favorite was the boy in what I think was traditional African clothing – maybe Morocco?

  19. Блин как много там у них красивых девушек

  20. People in Philly Crazy!!!!!

  21. 15:13 what a fucking brat

  22. Hi bro my name is Bruse and i am from India..we dont have have snowman but you just remembered me the value of smile and happiness…thank you….like you

  23. I like that

  24. Thats terrible, thats not funny. People can get a heart atack or get a trauma. Mmm this prank is to much.

  25. @ 11:59 Woman in the background jumped hella hard lol

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