Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place (thumbs down version)

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Jigsaw Falling Into Place (thumbs down version)
IN STORES 01.01.08

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  1. My favourite RadioHead song !! Feel I have now solved my jigsaw and life is. Now essy

  2. How does this have 15M views while Lotus Flower has 45M?

  3. So, everyone is going to ignore the beautiful bassline of this song?

  4. haha this video.. the intimacy of the camera is so funny i guess im slightly uncomfortable but i love it

  5. Geez, this band is addicting. It's like a drug

  6. You can definitely tell the cameras were Thom's idea by the facial expressions.

  7. listening to this since 12 years. i´m a slave.

  8. This is what you call virtuous. Idk a modern band that plays with such intricate composition.

  9. La cara de thom arruinado jaja

  10. I love the way Thom smiles at 3:09

  11. thank you Radiohead, thank you

  12. Radiohead..
    The only band that matters~!

  13. I never knew jeery eevn though i. Fro. 888

  14. Tis different but just as good as zep

  15. Love the song, love the video, but why is it called thumbs down version? Seriously does anyone know?

  16. Shhhhh, don't wake up Colin, he's sleeping.

  17. Probably my favourite song

  18. thumbs up thumbs down thumbs up thumbs thumbs thumbs thumbs

  19. But, how is this thumbsdown music?

  20. 3:13 so beautiful. Always been my fave radiohead song

  21. Radiohead presents: GoPro hero 6

  22. Thumbs down version? *Thumbs Down *

  23. more like thumbs up version am i rite

  24. Me encanta Radiohead! No digo que esta es la mejor canción de ellos; pero sin duda es una de las más que se han dejado sentir!!!

  25. Gotta spin some RH vinyls tonight…

  26. Where is the bassist?

  27. YOOOOO PHil kills this track!!! the drums really bring the goosebumps

  28. I love the bit in this video where Phil starts singing along with Thom, mouthing the words

  29. If you start this song while playing Pyramid Song 800% Slower at 1/4 volume around 23:00 asdfhjgkadsjhfgk


  31. constant head bopping from start to finish

  32. Thumbs Down? Are you fuckin' crazy of your mind?

  33. 3:01 love it so much

  34. I know Radiohead since i was 5 because of my older brothers but i never stopped to listen them much, now i know i made a mistake, it is an addicton i cant stop listening

  35. I feel good inc

  36. The song is just outstanding
    But: "Dicks are falling into place" am I the only one who hears it?

  37. What other songs do they have similar to this one? This is my favorite one of theirs and I’d love to have more like it, any recommendations?

  38. Radiohead are the offspring of alien – human hybrids.

  39. This song is amazing and probably in my top 3 for Radiohead but this is like the most geeky and goofy way to shoot this video lol.

  40. here testing my headset

  41. Te chupo un coco thom

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