Pimp My Hotel Room (Setup Tour)

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I decided to bring my setup with me to my hotel.
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18 replies

  1. This is the most weird video I´ve ever watched on the channel hahahaha. Great to see you back!

  2. Bruh your eyes look so dead

  3. what is the point of this? why are you in a hotel?

  4. Cool I geuss

  5. Who misses pimp my setup ? 🙁

  6. you smoke to much weed before record this

  7. matt philly filming some willies

  8. Not bad on the video bro lol. Just glad you're keeping up on the Youtube channel. Can't wait for the series to come back

  9. yooo! where can i get that wallpaper?

  10. bro how much did you smoke before recording this

  11. wouldnt u just get a good laptop???

  12. what's that wallpaper?


  14. Yo why is this comment section not lit and only 7 likes? Edit:oh I was early

  15. what happen to your eye?

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