Making A Hotel In MeepCity! Roblox: MeepCity (Part 2) Spa & Salon

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Today I add a spa and salon in My MeepCity Hotel.


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29 replies

  1. You should let the L room putting flowers and shelves Handsome green plants

  2. Awesome video!

  3. I really like it! I hope it will finish soon :3

  4. Hi Jenni simmer I love your videos

  5. Hi Jenni Simmer i love your house and your hotel its sooo amazing keep going sorry im from Grecce btw


  7. you can add a play center,movie center the gift shop could include toys christmas stuff books

  8. Roses are red
    Vilotes are blue
    Jenni is amazing just like me and you!

  9. Btw can u add in a gym

  10. jenni you should put the sink behind the relaxing chairs

  11. I think my idea will work, so I think if u wanna make a vanity get the small desk from the school part and use a mirror for the wall and then just add a chair

  12. I got an idea, maybe you can add a reception desk in front of the door for like booking rooms and stuff

  13. Jenni can u do a mall in bloxburg pliss? Love ya❤

  14. Make there be a little shop in the hotel

  15. My fav room is restraunt Jenni u inspired me to make a hotel so that's what am making what's robes?

  16. use a walk way

  17. Oh..Hey Lizzy_Winkle Has a cancer..It's not Joke..Lizzy Don't Die..Look at twitter..

  18. You have talent!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. When you make the hotel rooms you can right the room number and when they ask for a room you can tell them there room number also u can make a little kids play area so the guests can drop off there kids

  20. You so Talented to making houses pls record vids with your daughters they so cute.

  21. IF You're COOL so your house is cool to

  22. I love You!

  23. Can you add lamps on top of the rooms and you can say suff like you will be staying in the green lamp room

  24. I have lots of suggestions!, first of all….. I will want in the hotel some special rooms and you need to pay more like a suite I will love it!

  25. This is gonna turn out great! U should make a royal castle next!

  26. Ok so first I love you SO SO SO MUCH your amazing second some kids at my school are being mean to me third I love the part vidos

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