Mad World – Gary Jules

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The original video of Gary Jules’ and Michael Andrews’ cover version of Mad World, directed by Michel Gondry. Throughout the video children are making animated figures on the sidewalk below. (the song was featured in the movie Donnie Darko. If you haven’t seen it, seriously consider it.)

Directed by Michel Gondry

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  2. Archie and Veronica in the Riverdale season 2 ❤❤❤

  3. Tears For Fears…

  4. i sell replay buttons
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  5. 2019?

  6. Why am I crying ;-;

  7. then you need to delete fortnite but you delete pugb 🙁

  8. When you eat your popcorn before the moovie starts

  9. I like this song very much, it was sung by Curt Smith, tears for fears, I cannot understand why the original has less than 500000 views and its a classic song sung live in 1984 by Curt Smith which is brilliant, but i am from that era so now days people must be tone deaf, Gary Jules sings it well but not as good as Curt Smith.

  10. Meme… Any one here

  11. I seriously don’t know what my emotions should be feeling for this song. Do I feel sad and despondent because we are all sheep? Or do I feel empowered because the young have all the power to escape and shape the world? Regardless, it’s a great version of the song. I love it.

  12. Enero 2019 Alguien por Gears Of Wars? Dom 🙁

  13. When your ice cream fell on the floor

  14. When your minecraft girlfriend broke up with you

  15. esta cancion la colocan en CSI cierto?


  17. When you run out of shield potions

  18. When you realize that your life is devastated by events that you can't control. only the life and is only one.

  19. This video was uploaded 13 years ago but almost the comments just left for a few weeks

  20. Whats 2:23 supposed to be?

  21. Min 0:180:29 meme

  22. Jan, 11,2019 …. Someone??

  23. It's just so weird how you can watch a video and know it's from your roots. I grew up in central NJ with a lot of travel to Hudson/Bergen county, and I work up that way. When you see the streets and the buildings with their certain build plus the color and masonry, and the windows, plus just seeing the roads, and obviously the backdrop. I read it was filmed in Hoboken. Seems fair to me. This definitely looks like Jersey City / Hoboken area.

  24. Places where this song became popularized: Donnie Darko > Gears of War > Riverdale

  25. Alguien en el 2019? :,3

  26. Anyone still watching this in 2019!?!?

  27. Who's watching in JANUARY 2019 ?

  28. Кто из 2019?

  29. Last time when I had birthday.
    I was upset, lonely cuz last year I lost the closest person from my family and first birthday without her were so sad.
    And I was waiting for a long Time if I got a job or not, too long. So I thought that I still don't have a job.
    I was listening to this song, smoking and singing alone – happy birthday…

    Finally, they called to me and I have this job now. I don't feel the same emptiness after my grandma death, but still need to take the maximum dose of my antidepressant and still don't have power for anything.
    But I live, I have to.

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