How to Make a Hotel Reservation in Spanish [Phrases for Booking a Room and More]

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Learn how to make a hotel reservation in Spanish. See how to book a hotel room using real-world Spanish at a hotel in Mexico.

In this video you’ll learn:
-Important phrases for making a hotel reservation
-Hotel vocabulary and common amenities

✅Download the Reservation Phrases PDF here:

0:37 – Spanish Conversation
2:27 – Breakdown Section
4:15 – Room Amenities
4:54 – Room Amenities
6:00 – Asking for the Price
6:59 – Payment
8:19 – Checkout
9:03 – Checking the Room

This video was recorded at Hotel Posada Comala in Comala, Colima Mexico. Book your own reservation with them here:

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9 replies

  1. Thanks for watching, guys! Let us know if you have any questions. Don't forget the whole video has subtitles available in Spanish and English. Just hit the "CC" button. Also, ✅Download the Reservation Phrases PDF here:

    -Jim & May

  2. Great video. When will you post information on the immersion trip so we can start saving money and planning. Thanks!

  3. Great help!!! keep it up….thx again

  4. where is that hotel? their prices are very reasonable

  5. I love this video! One of the biggest hurdles for me in learning Spanish is when to use the subjunctive. My question is for the 1st sentence highlighted: "Quiero ver si tiene cuartos disponibles." — How come the subjunctive isn't used for the verb tener if it is now known if there are rooms available or not initially?

  6. Great lesson! Thanks

  7. I would really like it if you did a video of checking out at the grocery store. The checker usually asks me something before she starts that I never understand. Sometimes I think it has to do with a store card but I'm never sure. Then when she finishes she has a little pleasantry that she says but I never understand. I just act like I do hehe. Also when I give a tip to the bagger they often use the same phrase. I'm sure it's something like "have a good day" but they speak so fast I never catch it.

    Also Spanish phrasing is never the same as in English. I think sometimes it would help if you were to give a lesson on how something is phrased in English as apposed to Spanish. I often know the words to use but not the correct phraseology. An example from this video would be "Puedo pagarlo con tarjeta?" Can I pay with a card? but the literal translation would be more like "Can I pay for it with card" I really think this is what is keeping me from being more fluent.

  8. Very helpful, thanks!

  9. Son muy divertidos amigos. Los mejores deseos para ustedes y que les vaya muy bien con su español 🙂

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