How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots

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How to make 6 Secret Safes or Hiding Spots using common household items. From turning a bottle into a hidden compartment, to making your clock hide your emergency fund… we’ve got you covered!
You can get all the safes here:

We tested 6 different diversion safes that you can purchase at the store and then recreated them ourselves using household items. Turn a clock in to a safe, turn a water bottle into a safe, turn a pringles can into a safe and even a thermometer! Check out the full video to see more.

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41 replies

  1. I can tell the difference between the Pringles…one is taller than the other.

  2. Poor hp lovecraft book

  3. I was reminded of the "you can hide ur weed in here" SNL skit the entire time lol

  4. for the gals just put your money inside your bra cup.

  5. Don't tell the secret spots

  6. Hide money in slot marked "Bills". Nobody will look there.

  7. Are you serious? I'd never ruin my Annotated HP Lovecraft like that!

  8. Who else is gonna store their weed in these things?

  9. Its like the thief sees the pringles can safe thinking its real and takes it because he's hungry XD
    anyway nice job bro great ideas

  10. Water bottle safe starts at 2:56

  11. Poor book,but what ever

  12. It takes FOREVER to cut out the inside of a book. It's easier to just remove the hard cover from a book, then cut some plywood or one by's down and make a frame to fit a bit smaller than the size of the book. Put on bookshelf. Or.
    Simply put hat you want to hide behind your DVDs on the shelf.

  13. If I rob you I’m checking every bottle sprinklers and books in your house

  14. Recycled the water bottle, got .05 … filled with hundreds…. fail

  15. Great for tiny housers!

  16. lol 1 pringles can is taller

  17. 0:09 voice crack good vid btw very helpful

  18. I cant fall asleep on christmas eve

  19. Or don’t put it inside things people are going to use on a daily basis

  20. thanks man my weed i safe now.

  21. Why use such a good book? go to a charity shop and buy a big hardback book you couldn't care about.

  22. You stole the key one from the King Of Random

  23. 00:10 that voice crack tho

  24. thiefs see YouTube videos

  25. 1:48 the cans look way different

  26. Nice voice crack 0:10 and 0:11

  27. I made the pringle stash, hid £400 in it, my flat took them to the beach with him and threw the empty container in the bin. cunts

  28. The FBI would like to know your location

  29. use disani water that tastes like ass noone will want to drink it LOL

  30. I’ll bet some dumbass is gonna put drugs in these

  31. Pro tip for removing label from plastic bottle. Instead of a hair dryer just fill it with really hot water for a minute

  32. Wait, no one told me there was crafts involved. I'm out.

  33. What a waste of a good book.

  34. what if someone wants a pringle and finds your money stash

  35. How many burglars are watching this?

  36. Can I get a free clock? Pleaseeeee

  37. I have 8 milions under my bed!

  38. Oh..Be dam..
    That Kool
    Thank u Show me..
    How u do it..
    That Kool..

  39. You could also make one with a christmas ourdement like the plastic eags that you use on the 1st of April

  40. how about cash in bank makes interest and never lose it

  41. Who would store cash outside in the dirt? A key sure, but cash? Why??

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