How to get from NYC airports to city center without getting ripped off

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Sharing my insider tips with you on how to get from the NYC airports to the city center without getting ripped off. In this video I will cover the cheapest and best ways to get from JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airport to Manhattan. Written directions here:
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  2. Years ago my first time in NYC, took a cab from JFK to Queens 120$ + a forced tip of 28$. Lesson learned…

  3. To make things easier you can just take the airport bus for $15

  4. There are buses and trains to nyc, from Newark airport.,

  5. JFK pro tip for the frugal: Take the Airtrain to long term parking for free, walk 15 minutes to Aqueduct Station (this costs roughly 12 minutes net) then take the A for an hour. You get to take in beautiful N. Conduit Ave.

  6. Thank you so much for creating this video! I am visiting in January and feel more confident now about using the NYC transportation system!

  7. Thank you so much Sarah for your video and all your NYC info. We came from Kansas to see some KU basketball (in Brooklyn) and the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. BRRR!! We were 2 baby boomers who if we took a car service to our hotel would have cost $100 one way plus tip. We did it as you recommended. $2.75 one way!! We stayed at the Hilton Garden Time Sq at 790 eighth (because we had stayed there before) not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. Very clean, nice bed, good sized rooms and great bar (West End Grill) served up a 5 course Thanksgiving meal that was awesome!! Then, we braved it and took the subway for all entire trip-even to the Barclay Center. Thank you again!!!

  8. What the fudge. I thought America was supposed to be cheap. My ticket in Australia is $4.30 for the entire day ($8.60 if you're not concession). Takes me wherever I want to go all day. This is nuts.

  9. Handicapped?

  10. fastest. Newark Airport. Once you land take an Uber or Lyft to Newark Penn Station (10 minute car ride for about $10). go for pool or shared and it can be cheaper than the Air Train. Once you're at Newark Penn Station take the 25 to 30 minute ride on the PATH train to World Trade Center (if going downtown or Brooklyn) or 33rd Street if going to Midtown or Uptown (or the Bronx) for $2.75 using a NYC Metro Card (they work on PATH trains). This train runs a lot more frquently, every 5 or 10 minutes during rush hour than the Air Train. I have done this from World Trade Center to Newark Airport using The PATH train and Uber/Lyft in just under an hour too many times to count. Avoid the Long Island Railroad or New Jersey Transit because Penn Station is a disaster. There are always delays. which means Newark Airport is your fastest way out of the city. The only fast way out of NYC to Newark air port is The PATH train. Dont forget there are two Penn Stations… one in Newark, New Jersey and the one in Manhattan at 33rd Street and 8th Avenue. Don't make the mistake of ordering the wrong one on Uber.

  11. Who always goes to Dulles airport XD

  12. Can i buy one week ticket and use airtrain ?

  13. Why do they call it Airtrain. ..added to the confusion. Call it just Train2City.

  14. So stupid and cheap idea

  15. Okay, serious rip off by the cab driver. Paid USD 100 to get from Newark to Central Park.

  16. NOOOOOOOBBBB, pay $2.75 train plz….. u got ripped

  17. Newark is actually in NJ

  18. lol just walk

  19. She's not wearing a bra.

  20. Depending on traffic that $52 Uber ride can turn into $100.

  21. Hi Sarah! Is it possible to get a Uber from JFK to Manhattan?

  22. Hi Sarah! Is it possible to get a Uber from JFK to Manhattan?

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