Hotel Hell – Season 2 Episode 7 – Curtis House Full Episode HD

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Hell’s Kitchen – Season 17 Episode 5 – Josh Josh Josh Full Episode

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39 replies

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  2. Gordon is such a sweety

  3. I would really like to now wich hotels made it and wich one died

  4. 9:04 Tries to exit without any jacket…. then when he does exit , jacket on : continuity error , ghost theory dismissed

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes! Gordon Ramsay, you are amazing! The fire and love you put into these families, I especially enjoyed this one. Tears come every time! Thank you!

  6. Ass ass ass ass

  7. TJ is a stupid name for a stupid woman

  8. How do all these business owners end up in hundreds of thousands dollars of debt? Usually people start threatening to kill you if you owe them that much money

  9. Has a ghost in it! Hahaha Americans. XD

  10. The hilarious part is the editor had to look at Gordens dick when he got out the shower the camera was rolling.

  11. Please help me i was fired bacause i forgot to put a censored bar on GR's thiq booty

  12. HiT Or miSs, i gUEsS tHeY neVeR MISS, HuH?

  13. ‘OH MY GOD GORDON CANT EVEN FIND THE SOLUTION’ yes he did y’all just won’t talk

  14. When she said "they don't care about us" I thought about Michael Jackson

  15. did anyone else notice at like 15:30 it sounded like he got possesed

  16. 3:05 – Did the bathroom door just break?

  17. what was that thing he found at 7:42

  18. Gordon parked his car aroud 4:35 like a bitch.

  19. lose wait ! bloody hell !

  20. 11:27 "I had to swallow it, it was not enjoyable." That's what she said lol

  21. Is no one going to comment on his parking skills?

  22. …i swear…the HH intro is as bad as the hotels on the show.. lol

  23. Eww why Gordon’s ass

  24. Gordon’s butt……
    Oh noice…
    Like kids aren’t weirdos are watching this cuz they are bored…
    Why not censor?…
    Gordon Please ask your editor’s to Censor that like the credit card…


  26. Naked Gordon is my aesthetic

  27. Dead bugs are a sign of a poltergeist or demonic presence!

  28. Thank you God for sending your son Gordon for protecting our Inns from Bankruptcy.Amen

  29. My mom and grandpa would please Gordon

  30. "his opinion never really mattered to me, never has, never will" WOW. JUST WOW. What a douche!


  32. It’s hard to root for ppl who are lazy and serve paying customers total garbage and almost dangerous food standards. They don’t deserve a second chance when they’re so selfish they can serve people that disgusting trash for so long. Go get a real job. You will be fired immediately for that lack of effort.

  33. 10:38 Hit or Miss, i guess they never miss, huh?

  34. I swear he is Petty and would win a rag session.

  35. Ok how did the ass make it into this episode lmao

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