Hotel Hell – Season 2 Episode 5 – Calumet Inn Full Episode HD

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Hell’s Kitchen – Season 17 Episode 5 – Josh Josh Josh Full Episode

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20 replies

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  2. Probably my favorite episode

  3. All the staff look like junkies
    The owner looked like he was detoxing hard when the guest were grillin his ass.

  4. Gordon Ramsey wearing speedo
    Me: Hmmm….why tho?
    Mega Fans: OMG nose bleeds I CAN MAKE SO MUCH FANFICTION!!!!!

  5. Chef Ramsey is awesome.

  6. The way Gordon folded those socks is honestly the most impressive thing I've ever seen… o_O

  7. i love how he checks for leila's pulse after he feeds her the curry bread like

  8. I really cried for the owner when he was hopeless and didn't know what to do

  9. As of today, it’s still running and it has a 4.8 out of 5.0…I’m so glad he’s still going strong…Sandy really is a good inn keeper…as much as I love Gordon swearing and yelling, I’m just happy this hotel is running strong…

  10. Checking the dogs pulse, omg 😀 lolololol

  11. That food is so god expensive!

  12. Gordon with pyzamas in this episode!! 😛 Well done again Chef

  13. Manager/owners who think being an arrogant prick is a good way to run a business should take a lesson. Humility and a willingness to listen might be the keys to saving your livelihood.

  14. He is such a great man and with a great team. I cried last. God bless you…..

  15. am i the only one that amazed by the fact that the staff's never gotten any pay check before gordon came???

  16. I could have done without seeing Ramsay in a speedo.

  17. I’m glad this inn still open. This boss is actually really nice and have awesome dog.

  18. He would do better to turn throw out the furniture and turn the rooms into one bedroom apartments and focus on property management

  19. Does Gordon get money to fix other's businesses? Gordon does spend a heck a lot of money for others' businesses! Gordon Ramsey is so awesome! He had made other's businesses SUPER awesome!!

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