Hotel and Flight Apps for Thailand Travel 2019

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Traveling anywhere in Southeast Asia can be a stressful task. Traveling to Thailand is no different. Richard and I sat down to give you some relevant information on hotel and flight apps for traveling Thailand in 2019.
This travel vlog was recorded in Pattaya, Thailand, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
We share information about airlines you may want to fly, and our experiences with them. We also discuss accommodation apps, such as Agoda,,, and Airbnb. These are apps that we both use when traveling to Thailand.
Listen as we give you our thoughts and ratings of these travel apps.
Using our experience with these travel apps in 2019 should make your holiday or vacation less stressful when you are planning to travel to Thailand! These are great Thailand travel tips!

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24 replies

  1. Check out secret flying and Scott’s cheap flights for sales and mistake fares. You can not buy through them
    But it’s free and interesting. I found a good deal to Spain next month. Purchased it through my credit card rewards. I paid nothing but points
    Dallas to Barcelona. I use app for hotel as changes are easy and mostly free

  2. Expedia and Agoda have served me well.
    Thanks for the additional information!!

  3. funny banter btq you and richard lol – he needs a hat 555

  4. So far I like "ITA Matrix" a Google concoction, for flight location and then go to the airline sight.
    Note, I am told that it is best to do these searches in Incognito mode or turn of cookies, as some airlines will jack up the prices based on your visits or searches.

  5. Short and informative, that’s what we like! Btw! I use as you can custom it extremely good and also do a check directly from the airplane company. Booking in Thailand i just wondering around and book!

  6. good info guys

  7. Thank you.. …. Thank you.. …. Thank you.. …. Thank you.. …. !!! Please do more!!! like this, on Travel and how to get there.. and what places ( Hotels ) YOU GUYS THE BEST!!! you are my motivation in coming there!!

  8. I have never found a flight through the airline as cheap as the same flight booked through a third party.


  10. I want your hat

  11. Skyscanner (flights)
    Tripadvisor (hotels comparison from all site inc. / / etc etc

  12. I'd like to recommend you make "The Points Guy" a regular read. Consider a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. Put your expenses on those to gain points that you can use for free or upgraded flights. There are other similar sites too, but I'd say it's worth some consideration. Thanks for the video!!!

  13. Been to Thailand 22 times, never use Apps or the internet and do just fine TALKING TO PEOPLE.Get off your screens and get a life.Spent a whole morning wind surfing while my mate got so agitated back at the hotel because he spent three HOURS on his phone trying to book hotel rooms.It's all BULLSHIT.

  14. Keep 1 hand on your wallet, and one over your A Hole lol

  15. Jeremy, you do realize your sitting on a bed with a guy from San Francisco, wearing a pink hat in the sex CAPITOL of the world?

  16. FYI ~ is owned by Expedia, Expedia is what I use to book my flight and hotel at the same time giving me a nice discount, and I use to use china airlines till I was blown away by Eva Airlines, They are by far the nicest and most accommodating Airline, and for the past 3 years I've only used them, I never gotten turned down when I ask for a upgrade to first class from Business class, I always have enough Expedia points to pick the Business class option, and when I get to the check in I always ask if there is any first class seats available and if so I would like to sit there, and after that its smooth sailing, fully laying down on a 16 hour flight is amazing

  17. Personally I go to the internet sites to find out what is available for flights and then go to the airline sites and can say that the difference if any is not worth the hassle if you have flight problems later, you only deal with the flight operator and as for hotels I always use as I have had fantastic service from them as in no charges when things fall through and the cheapest when I compare. Sometimes they are full and others have space but not often..

  18. I'm starting a GoFundMe for Richard's hat, lol! Howdy guys!

  19. Orbitz and Expedia have worked quite well for me many times. Have redeemed miles through credit card.

  20. I often use the 3rd party apps to search for flights, as they show everything available on all airlines. Then I will go to the airline direct after I have all the different fares compared, and the price is usually about the same.

  21. fyi once you get the confirmation number from the third party provider you can deal directly with the airline at least for us flights I still prefer booking directly with airline unless there is a big price breat.

  22. Love the elephants on the background

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