Gordon Ramsay’s Best Moments in Hotel Hell Season 2

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From cooked meat near raw meat to owners under the influence, Hotel Hell has some memorable moments

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34 replies

  1. okay but everytime I see him taking apart refrigerators I see the typical 'raw and cooked meat stored together' thing like I'm 15, barely know how to cook an egg and even I know that you don't put that shit next to each other

  2. 2:08 a postal box,wtf

  3. It's pleasant to see him laughing at the :30 mark

  4. watches kitchen nightmare
    Well I hate Gordon Ramsay

    watches hotel hell at 8:40
    (All thanks to Gordon Ramsay)

  5. "I'm just damn flaburgasted actually!"

  6. Hey Gordon uh do you know something
    Called uh gLoVeS?

  7. The last scene just made me cry, like bloody hell, this guy is saving lives.

  8. When the music concert started all i could see were hippies no offense

  9. I love how the owners or head chefs agree and be disgusted about it when Gordon’s shows them but they probably don’t give a shit like their food.

  10. At 6:10 the producers dubbed in the word "semen" haha

  11. “This is absolutely disgusting”…….”I’m going to need to stick my fingers in it”

  12. Gordon: I don't know what's scarier, the food or the music

    Lady: I don't know they compliment each other pretty well.


  13. That hippy hotel looks like a laugh..

  14. "its like a mosaic… of semen" loLOLLOLllOlolLLOL

  15. did he just say a mosaic of semen

  16. Wow gordon

  17. The lady reacting with “Oh My God” could have died there and it would have been justified

  18. A hot tip for any prospective restaurant owners; karaoke night fits in a bar, not a restaurant, and (if you insist on such a thing) it is open to everyone, not just you. This goes double if it is so loud people can't hear each other over you when they are not 5 feet away and you are in the other side of the room. You are not Cher, and this is not a concert. The only other excuse for treating something besides food as a main attraction is if you are either Chuck E Cheese's or are failing to be such.

  19. Gordon Ramsay: sees moldy tortillas
    Gordon Ramsay: Flicks it
    gets slapped with dust

  20. 7:50 "hotel chester…lol" gr8 name

  21. hey whats up guys its ur boy GGGG and ill cum on contact!!!

  22. Hotel Chester : 101, o thought it was LOL at first.

  23. I hope Gordon Ramsay has regular health checks because how often he gets exposed to those moldy…foods.

  24. 6:10 "its like a mosaic of semen" Hahaha

  25. 2:17 bih wtf

  26. 6:53 best moment in my opinion…


  28. Ahhh. Gordon so sweet. hugging the partiers and saying i love you, too.

  29. why the f does he touch all the mouldy shit

  30. Fucking hipsters

  31. Someone jerked off and cummed ON THE BED AND WALL WTF

  32. Hey i mean giving someone cooking tips is alright. Giving someone a completely new restaraunt is alright. But giving someone a new home, that is true quality. Chef Ramsay might be a fiery chef but he sure has a soft and big heart.

  33. Fucking dancing old hippes and cum all over the hotel room….nice 😀

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