Fort Worth,Tx.-Omni hotel-Texas robbery investigator conference

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Another older video I wanted to share new content coming

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32 replies

  1. Lmfao.. Love the new intro. You should record yourself doing what bobby hill is doing and use that in the intro

  2. Exactly! Finally someone asks the real question. “Do you have anything better to do with your life”? And fat boy has no real response, you know why? Cause he doesn’t have anything better to do than harass the police the public anybody. He hides behind that camera and the first amendment. The first amendment isn’t gonna save you from pissing off the wrong guy someday. You’re not a hero, you’re not important in any way you’re just a little tiny blip on the earths radar and 100% insignificant. So keep on running around with your little camera and harass people and the law see where it gets you.

  3. 1:58 Right to violence typical thug degenerate .

  4. with coproaches, it's always "you don't have nothing better to do". in this day and age, filming government workers is one of the most important things to be doing. These Auditors have the balls to do it. Auditing may be more dangerous than policing and they're doing for a lot less money. I thank every Auditor for their sacrifice to save America from tyranny.

  5. That thin blue SWASTIKA symbolism is nothing but gang symbols!

  6. I loved his shirt.

  7. Blue line thugs defacing the American flag in favor of group narcissism.

  8. Does this thin blue line make me look old and fat?

  9. is this supposed to be funny because you resemble a fat Bobby Hill? i don’t get it?

  10. it is so easy to trigger these cops..they are so used to being able to dominate people because we live in a police state that when anyone fails to bow before them, they flip out

  11. OKC News Undercover

  12. Fat dumb and stupid…this is the poster child of blue Isis . Need to put him in tight Whiteys and put him on a calendar.

  13. I wonder exactly how much we pay for these conferences?

  14. Punk wearing his defaced American flag.

  15. take of that disgusting disrespectful blue line shirt… I didnt spend 6 months in afghanistan defending that pos gang flag

  16. In 2 minutes you exposed 2 tyrants good job job on shutting them down

  17. perverts, cowards and liars
    Trust a cop at your own peril

  18. That boy aint right, I tell ya.

  19. The skill set of the modern pig (psychopathic low iq shakedown artist) is the exact opposite of a crime investigator skill set. This is just a social event where pigs get drunk together and party with hookers and their criminal friends.

  20. He got frustrated when you had the great comebacks to each of his questions.

  21. The new intro ROCKS and the idea of filming these cop conferences is Awesome!

  22. Why were you not on the other side of the road?

  23. That sounded like News Now Dallas.

  24. Second guy thinks he has better things to do in life? Why is he worried about you then?

  25. First guy had tyrant written all over him. Ty. Stay safe

  26. Lol, “you want to fight or something”….

  27. He was bullying you.

  28. Wow. He needs a girl friend

  29. What a blue line scumbag he was!

  30. The good fight. Thanks my friend.

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