Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort | Full Tour 2017 in 4K UHD | Walt Disney World

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Join me for a complete tour of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort at Walt Disney World. This beautiful resort is located on Bay Lake, very close to the Magic Kingdom. I was lucky to have a beautiful day to record this footage! I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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39 replies

  1. Great job. How far is DWL form the Fort Wilderness?

  2. love this josh this is the resort i will be staying at this weekend

  3. Beautiful Resort, that's probably my 2nd favorite resort nest to the Grand Floridian Resort which reminds me of the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego but even better. At first I thought that the Resort seemed Dead because I did not hear the people but then realized that the sound was cut in the edit to the narration of the video or voice over, nice video!

  4. What a great resort!  The attention to detail is amazing!

  5. My daughter and her family are staying at the Wilderness Lodge next week and I remembered the marvelous tour you had from here last year so wanted to review it again before their visit, to refresh my mind about where they would be staying and what they would be experiencing. I love the Relaxing Stroll videos, but this is the type of video that caused me to initially subscribe and follow your channel long ago. Your calm, enthusiastic style, together with your expert information about all the details, features, and history of each locale are beyond compare. It is wonderful to see things on tours, but much more enjoyable for me personally, always with an eye to visiting in the future, to know and learn about what I am seeing. Videos like this could not be better or more enjoyable. Sharing this out again for others to see and find your channel. Hoping to see more in this style in the future again! Cheers and Best Wishes!

  6. SPOILER the bridge you are standing on at 19:56 the creek that starts in the lobby ends under the bridge and the pool flow starts under that bridge. get out early enough in the morning and you can see it turn on.it is two separate flows if you look under the bridge you might see it

  7. 9:06 That is Disneyland no WDW. WDW doesn’t have passenger cars like that.

  8. I love the ketchup thing

  9. Great video I really enjoyed it.

  10. its all so pretty and ive been there but, Its so florida and has never felt like we were in Colorado or out west! That's Disney though……..its all fake and illumination! don't really appreciate it! thanks tho………..

  11. Thanks for posting! I live in Cincinnati but am moving to Florida next week and I just got hired on here via a phone interview, and I’ve never been! But now it kind of feels like I have :p

  12. Hi my name is Carleigh. I loved this video. I will be staying in that hotel in less than two weeks.

  13. We stayed here on our honeymoon and it has been our Disney HOME every year. We love staying at the lodge. I love all of the changes and updates they have completed. I really love to second pool <3

  14. What is your favorite Jim Carrey movie

  15. I had no clue you went to wilderness lodge

  16. Great video! Very informative and thorough! Would love to see rooms

  17. one time a waiter chewed out my brother because he didn't eat his vegetables lol

  18. Staying at the Boulder Ridge Villas in April 2018, possibly my longest Disney World vacation ever!

  19. Thanks for the comprehensive tour! What time of year were you there? It seemed not very crowded and the weather looked gorgeous!

  20. This was great!!! Thanks for uploading!!!

  21. I like the Wilderness Lodge! I plan on staying there next year. I'm guessing they're removing the arcades so people will spend more time outside?

    Did any of the model train artifacts belong to Walt Disney? Or, are those artifacts in a different location?

  22. I appreciate the time spent walking around. Really got a good feel by spending so much time at the Lodge! Look forward to watching more!

  23. Your hotel tour videos are simply the best! We've never really wanted to stay here in the past, but now that we've seen this resort in such great detail, our minds have changed. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. not to be a bugger but, you can see the real deal for much less! DISNEY IS SOOO GREEDY!

  25. how much per night here? for 2

  26. My family is interested in getting a DVC membership and we are looking at Wilderness lodge to call home. How is the commute to MK and Epcot?? Is it too far?? Other resorts we are looking at are the villas at Beach club and The Polynesian. Great Video as always!!

  27. Another thorough tour, thanks! because of the theming and the feeling of seclusion from the parks despite its proximity, this might be my #1 or #2 favorite resort. I hope to stay here late 2018 for full week to enjoy all its amenities you showcased.

    I remember my WC Cafe experience well, i had a lady keep ignoring my request for cornbread, i finally had to raise my hand and she made me yell 4 tables down. 3 min later she shows up with a dozen pieces of cornbread and 6 cups of butter in their large metal skillet usually for the meat, and put it right in front of me. i was good on cornbread for the night lol

  28. I have stayed at all Disney deluxe hotels (except for Yacht Club) and this is my hands-down favorite. Close enough to the park, but seems like so far way. It has such a wonderful relaxed feel to it.

  29. Love these! … Have you done a full tour of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge yet? Thank you for all you do. Great job folks.

  30. Do you have a video for Old Key west? We are going on septiembre

  31. Great video! We've stayed here several times and it's one of my favorite resorts. We've also stayed on the concierge level, Old Faithful Club, and enjoyed it as well. Your video brought back some wonderful memories.

  32. Did they get rid of the arcade in the Contemporary? Don't remember seeing it when I watched that one now.

  33. My wife and I really enjoyed your vid! We stayed at WL in "15" and just loved it! We are doing a split stay this year, first five at WL and the next five at AKL. We definitely drank the kook-aid!!!!

  34. Yes!! Have been waiting. 25 days until we check in at the lodge!

  35. Really amazing looking hotel. I don't know what it is, but Disney's attention to detail and immersion is what makes their hotels and parks so spectacular.

  36. Josh, Thank you for this awesome video. My family needs to stay at this resort. I love that you can see Bay Lake Tower from this resort. Disney does it again with their theme. I love it!

  37. Yay for Lincoln Logs! My childhood! 🙂

  38. I've stayed there several times in December. My favorite Disney Resort.

  39. Must resist watching. I'll be staying at there at the end of September for the first time and can't wait to check out the lodge.

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