A Day at HI New York City Hostel

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What’s it like to stay at the HI New York City hostel? It’s like having a home away from home with a bunch of friends you didn’t even know you had. With tons of common spaces where you can meet other travelers, to daily tours and activities to help you discover the hidden gems of the city, HI NYC is the ideal place to stay when you’re in the Big Apple.

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  1. Planning a trip in August 2019! HMU if you’re planning on heading this way

  2. Will be here in December 2018 let me know some places to check out

  3. I loved staying at this Hostel it was nice and cool and relaxing

  4. Best hostel ever !!

  5. I'm staying her in October! Can't wait.

  6. I'm staying in November 2018. Hit me up anyone else who's going!

  7. stay there for 5 nites

  8. I stayed here in 2014 had a great time exploring New York

  9. Stayed here during NYCC. It was great. Lots of cool ppl. Can't wait to go back :-).

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