8 Signs Your Body Is Begging for Vitamin D

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What are the signs of vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D greatly influences the systems of our body from ensuring calcium supply to our bones to strengthening our immune system. We normally get this vitamin from foods, supplements, and the sun’s rays, but when something goes wrong and we face vitamin D deficiency, our body systems may break.

For example, sweating that seems a little excessive or not brought on by anything particularly obvious, however, can be a sign that you’re lacking vitamin D. So what other signs show a deficiency, how serious is the problem, and what can you do to get more of it? Here at Bright Side, we’ve studied the most common symptoms of low vitamin D levels and we want to tell you what we’ve found.

You sweat excessively 1:01
Your bones often ache 1:35
You have muscle pain 2:11
You get sick all the time 2:47
You can’t seem to stay energized 3:26
When you get cuts or bruises, they take forever to heal 4:03
You notice more hair falling out of your head than usual 4:52
You can’t shake the feeling of sadness 5:25
What can you do to get more of vitamin D? 6:26

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FORT MEADE, Md. Sweat drips down the face of a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier from the 200th Military Police Command during a Spin class as part of a Performance Triad program organized by the command and hosted on Fort Meade, Maryland, May 9, 2017. The three-week fitness program took place from May 5-25 to help Soldiers who had either failed the Army Physical Fitness Test or had been on the Army Body Fat Composition program. The camp focused on the triad of overall health: physical fitness, nutrition and sleep, by providing education and personalized coaching to Soldiers in all three of those phases of life and more: By Master Sgt. Michel Sauret/U.S. Army Reserve,
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– Without vitamin D, your bones can’t absorb the necessary amount of calcium to create healthy bone tissue, causing a weakening of the bones known as osteomalacia.
– In addition to aching bones and muscles, a lack of vitamin D can cause chronic pain throughout the entire body. This debilitating condition is known as fibromyalgia, and it makes life a living nightmare for those who suffer from it!
– Suffering from your 4th or 5th virus this year? It may be because a lack of vitamin D is causing your immune system to work poorly.
– It’s 4 pm and you feel like you have two bricks as eyelids and barely have the strength to get up from your desk. Sound familiar? There could be quite a few reasons for this feeling. But it can also be due to a lack of vitamin D.
– Does it seem like your small wounds and injuries take longer to heal than everyone else’s? But this kind of slow healing can also be because of a lack of (say it with me) vitamin D!
– The average person loses anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs from their head every day. But if you suffer from a lack of vitamin D, you can lose way more than that, at least enough to notice that something’s definitely not right.
– According to Psychology Today, vitamin D is the only vitamin that is also a hormone. In studies on the relationship between vitamin D and depression, scientists discovered traces of the vitamin on cells found in the regions where depression resides.
– Vitamin D can be attained by spending time outside. According to The Arthritis Foundation, spending 10-15 minutes in the sun every other day or so can help replenish your vitamin D levels. Even sitting by an open window can help give you more vitamin D!

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  1. Hey guys! How much time do you spend outside on a typical day?

    And here's what your nails can say about your health

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  3. The sun gives u vitamin d

  4. Get sum D got it

  5. Women are begging for my D ;D

  6. Women show all signs for vitamin D

  7. Eat your orange…dont drink it bc it has way too much sugar. Look at the sugar gram label

  8. My mom is right, I need to go out more I'm also very pale by the fact that the place that I live in is very hot. Sometimes my friends call me a ghost or an undead person :'

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  10. Soo annoying how Americans pronounce vitamins (incorrect English)

  11. Wait anybody thought the title said 8 signs your body is beginning for vitamin D

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  14. Guys don't stay in sun light after noon…

  15. it is salman khan

  16. Bones often ache nd hair falling

  17. I'm sure half of this is pseudoscience but the other half rings totally true. I lacked sunlight on a nightshift and took vitamin D supps to compensate. I must say taking 1 vit D supp a day was better than nothing. My father had passed, my Nanna a few years before and my cat in between. Pretty dark times. When I couldn't get sunlight for over a day I took my vit D along with Calcium and Magnesium Elemental. Night and day difference in the days I was/wasn't taking it. Took a few weeks to build up though.

  18. I have some cold cus
    Winter is starting and it's cold
    I have very less cold

    And I don't have any symptom
    I m RARELY ill
    And I m an active kid

  19. What kind of foods to increase vitamin D

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