4 Ways to beat the Creatures from A Quiet Place

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Music by Andrew Applepie

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Ed Ricker’s “How loud are they? MAVIC PRO vs PHANTOM 4 PRO” 8:46

Casey Neistat’s “GREATEST DRONE EVER!! DJi Mavic Pro” 8:50

Corey Binfeld’s “Killing Toxic Black Mold – How to Remove Mold Safely” 15:15

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35 replies

  1. Best idea throw them in a volcano

  2. And in todays episode, top 10 things that can kill you in quiet place starting from farting, burping, shitting, coughing, spitting, snorting, blowing your nose, vomiting, sneezing and intense fucking ( loud moaning and ball dropping sounds)

  3. 2:56 cinema sins missed the solar panels in the background so he put in a sin for that lol he didn’t see the solar panels XD

  4. This solution will just beat the purpose of the movie no action no movie

  5. id just have a dog whistle going 24/7

  6. Couldn't they use a dog whistle

  7. I don't know about the waterfall speakers. The creatures can't exactly destroy the waterfall for making noise, but like you said in Solution #4, they can definitely destroy the speakers. These are really creative solutions though I really enjoyed this video

  8. yo wat if da monsters eat air

  9. Just a Shotgun with three rounds
    And a tight corridor
    Bring some extra rounds

    Have a phone charged and have some high frequency noise
    Or a Bluetooth speaker far enough
    That if it stops the creatures lose interest and set up some cameras
    Everytime you see one play the speaker

  10. one word:minigun

  11. Just play ear rape

  12. use silenced fucking guns

  13. why dont they just use a dog wistle high pitch sounds make them weak

  14. Oh my lord

  15. I was thinking yah go full Merica mode and tape a shotgun to the drone I’m ADVANCED

  16. Why don't play such loud noise , they get tinitus

  17. JBL has way longer battery life than Beats!

  18. Would Ariana Grande work instead of Mariah?

  19. Options
    1.Call John Cena
    2.Call Yo Mama So Ugly
    11.Get Chucky

  20. Thanos would never snap his fingers in this world because he'd be killed by the monsters before he could sit on his farm.

  21. Your commentarys so funny

  22. I think they only eat sound

  23. You could just yell then run away from that area becas the creatures attack where the sound comes from so when you run they attack air

  24. They are in a farm there must be some fertilizer with explosive capability . Make a big explosive with it attach 4-5 drones to it fly drones away from farm when there are 3 or more of the creatures following the explosive drone explode it ! BUM !!!

  25. Can they even hear the frequency of a dog whistle

  26. Well, by analyzing the teeth of this creature we can conclude that it is a carnivore

  27. So here is how you survive…
    You find a big island with possibilities for farming or already existing farms… You get there… You can do whatever you want..
    I suppose they can't swim…

    Edit: And you can filter out salt from the water around…

  28. So world governments couldn't figure out making killing machines that generate a lot of noise?

  29. The Predators would love fighting them since the Aliens are just for sparing them. This would challenge them tho their plasma cannon would rape them

  30. you mean if I fart so the creatures would kill me becoz of da noize
    but not the smell ?
    because…. god I fart bad!

  31. I thought they were jnk searchers

  32. good thing we have headphones

  33. JuSt MaKe A HeArInG AiD GuN

  34. Cage the monsters inside a soundproof shed or box so they won’t hear anything bam solved bye venom looking niggas

  35. I doubt that the only weaknesses is high frequency sound
    Stepping on a Lego would definitely kill it

    And if it doesnt then stepping on a Lego yourself would definitely kill it and dont tell me you dont scream like a little bitch ass you are after stepping on a lego

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